Custom Easter Chocolate Pralines

Delicious and versatile, our Belgian Chocolate Pralines can be customised with your company message or logo in full colour directly on the chocolate surface with edible ink.

You can choose to include our Easter design and add your logo to a few pralines, have all the chocolates display your message or even create a tasty mosaic.

Using only the highest quality Belgian Chocolate this unique and tasty personalised product makes for an amazing corporate gift, perfect for any Easter Promotion.


  1. Strawberry ganache with a touch of balsamic caramel in dark chocolate
  2. Coffee & brandy in dark chocolate 
  3. Lightly roasted, caramelized hazelnuts with a praline ganache in dark chocolate
  4. Ginger and eastern spices in dark chocolate
  5. Marzipan & Amaretto in milk chocolate
  6. Lemon muscovado caramel with a mint ganache in milk chocolate 
  7. Red wine ganache with a hint of cinnamon in dark chocolate 
  8. Saffron and honey in milk chocolate
  9. Aromatic rose in milk chocolate
  10. Raisins marinated in brandy in dark chocolate
  11. Pistachio and lime in dark chocolate
  12. Creamy salted caramel in milk chocolate
  13. Marc de Champagne ganache in milk chocolate
  14. Creamy mango ganache in milk chocolate
  15. Raspberry ganache in dark chocolate
  16. Creamy coconut and passion fruit in milk chocolate
  17. A large creamy vodka and lime in milk chocolate
  18. Mystère, vanilla and orange/lemon zest in dark chocolate
  19. Cherry caramel with a hint of Kirsch in milk chocolate
  20. Pure malt Scotch whisky ganache in dark chocolate
  21. South American tonka bean ganache in dark chocolate
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