Customised Mirabello Prosecco 75cl

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A unique, personal and exciting gift for all occasions that can be customised for a promotional event, award or giveaway.

Celebrate in style with this personalised bottle of 75cl Prosecco

The bottle can be personalised with company logo and/or personal message

Your bottle will be tissue wrapped and comes with a stylish soft touch gift box.

Why not upgrade to a personalised keepsake wooden gift box.

Made from Prosecco grapes in the champagne style, this light-medium dry sparkling wine has a delicate flavour that makes it an ideal party drink. Simply add your chosen name and message to the label to create the perfect personalised gift.

Alc 11.5% Vol 75cl.

Facts about the wine
Winery Mirabello
Grapes Glera (Prosecco)
Region Italy / Veneto / Prosecco
Wine style Italian Prosecco
Allergens Contains sulfites

Clarity: clean with lingering bubbles Hue: Straw Yellow Nose: fresh green apple, lemon, citrus, and a floral quality to it like white flowers Palate: light, crisp and refreshing with nuances of tart green apple and Meyer lemon Body: Light Acidity: Medium(+) Finish: a bitter almond medium finish.

A beautiful, somewhat less popular, and often less expensive comparison to Champagne, Prosecco is a deliciously dry sparkling wine with crisp acidity, low sugar, with plenty of fruit and character.

Associated with high value at low cost, Prosecco is the perfect option in situations where you want or need a sparkling wine.

Traditionally from the Veneto (North Eastern Italy), Prosecco dons the name for a small village and is fermented almost solely from a grape called Glera. Most Prosecco is non vintage – which means it doesn’t come with a year of production on the label.

This wine is not made in the traditional method of “champagne making” with riddling, rebottling and such, which, combined with non vintage production, makes the wine more affordable than champagne. But do not worry; lb for lb (or dollar for dollar), Prosecco is often a far tastier option than the French sparkling alternative.

Traditionally served as an aperitif, Prosecco can also be enjoyed with salty cured meats, caviar, or even your favourite dessert. Prosecco is not generally considered a wine to collect.

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