Promotional Refreshing Fruit Gums Sweet Bags

Looking for a cool tasting product for your next marketing campaign?

Why not try our Promotional Refreshing Fruit Gums Sweet Bags.

Unique and delicious our fruit gums are covered with Menthol-sugar which makes this product cool, juicy and sweet, combined with a mixture of aronia-cherry, eucalyptus-menthol, lemon-sage and orange-ginger flavoured sweet drops

You can customise the bag with your promotional artwork in full colour. There is also an option for a transparent window (shaped to suit your artwork) to showcase the sweets inside.

The promotional sweet bag (with its refreshing menthol kick) is popular as brand reinforcing handouts at exhibitions, conferences, seminars, business meetings, catered events, colleges, universities, shops, retail stores and business meetings.

Print Size: approx. 85 x 60 mm
Unit Weight: 10g
Best Before: 6 months
Minimum Order: 5,000 units
Flavours: aronia-cherry, eucalyptus-menthol, lemon-sage, orange-ginger
Packed quantity: 500 per carton