Promotional Jelly Bean Advent Calendar

Countdown the days till Christmas in style and taste with our exciting new Promotional Jelly Bean Advent Calendar.

The jelly bean factory is renowned for its high-quality gourmet jelly beans which are available in a myriad of colours and flavours, which combined with our Promotional Advent Calendar (that can be personalised with your branding in full colour) makes for a memorable Christmas promotional campaign.

Perfect for corporate giveaways and marketing campaigns during the festive period, our promotional advent calendars have a shelf life of 12month, which means it’s not only useful for traditional “lead up to Christmas” use but also can be used for “COUNTDOWN” promotional initiatives, such as product launches, premiers or event marketing all year round.

The large 307mm x 468mm print area is perfect for spreading your marketing message and allows you the space to create impactful promotional artwork to suit your business needs.