Promotional Sports Bottle with Ice Bar – 500ml Yukon

The Yukon is a territory in northwest Canada, famous for its high mountain peaks and glacier-fed alpine lakes.

This Promotional Sports Bottle features a detachable central core (an Ice Bar) which can be placed in the freezer and reattached when ready to use, keeping your drink ice cold without diluting the flavour with ice cubes.

Our Promotional Yukon Sports Bottle has a transparent blue plastic base and also features a sports cap with a loop which can be attached to a harness when on-the-go.

We can personalise this practical and memorable promotional sports bottle in 1-4 colours.

Perfect for marketing campaigns and corporate giveaways at gyms, leisure facilities, sporting events, seminars, conferences, business meetings, colleges, school and universities. It also makes for a fantastic branded resale item for shops and retail stores.

This personalised sports bottle weighs 156 grams and stands 21cm tall with a diameter of 8cm.

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