Turkish DelightBoost Chocolate BarMilky Way Chocolate BarFrys Peppermint CreamToblerone BarKit Kat ChunkyPicnic Chocolate BarLion Chocolate BarBournville Bar Dark ChocolateAero Chocolate BarGalaxy Chocolate BarCrunchie Chocolate BarToffee Crisp Chocolate BarSnickers chocolate BarMars BarM&M's Chocolate Bean BagToblerone BarMake My day- designer BoxYorkie Pillow BoxTwix Promotional Chocolate Bar
Yorkie Pillow Box
Turkish Delight
Boost Chocolate Bar
Milky Way Chocolate Bar
Frys Peppermint Cream
Toblerone Bar
Kit Kat Chunky
Picnic Chocolate Bar
Lion Chocolate Bar
Bournville Bar Dark Chocolate
Aero Chocolate Bar
Galaxy Chocolate Bar
Crunchie Chocolate Bar
Toffee Crisp Chocolate Bar
Snickers chocolate Bar
Mars Bar
M&M's Chocolate Bean Bag
Toblerone Bar
Make My day- designer Box
Yorkie Pillow Box
Twix Promotional Chocolate Bar

Double Branding Promotional Customised Chocolate Bars

Prices from: £0.50

We feature a range of well-known chocolate countlines that can be chosen for your promotional objectives.

The chocolate bars are double branded by insertion into a printed Pillow Box, Designer Box or Case personalised with your logo and promotional message.

The bars can be given away at meetings and events or direct despatched to home addresses as a little thankyou.

Our range includes Toblerone, Twix, Bounty, Mars and  M&M’s. Turkish Delight and the ever-popular Snickers Bar. Why not giveaway a Cadbury Boost Bar with a promotional message to motivate your sales team and boost sales or the Lion Bar to promote strength and achievement in a marketing campaign All products are subject to availability.

Please allow 3 – 4 weeks production

Designer Box

Promotional Double Branding

Pillow Box

Promotional Double Branding

Promotional Sleeve

Promotional Double Branding

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