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Victoria Secrets 330ml water
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Promotional rPET Recycled Water Bottles

Prices from: £0.20

We can supply our 330ml and 500ml in rPET at no extra cost

What is an rPET bottle?

Well, as everybody knows plastic is a highly recyclable material… our Promotional rPET Water Bottles are made from recycled plastic which has been sterilised and reformed for reuse.

Recycled PolyEthylene Terephthalate or rPET bottles are great for the environment, as not only are they made from already recycled plastic but can also be recycled again and again, breaking the cycle of the “Single Use Plastic Bottle”

We can personalise this Promotional rPET Water Bottle label with your branding, logo, corporate marketing campaign

We have a wide range of cap colour colours to choose from to compliment your artwork and even have a sports cap option as well.

The label can feature rPET logo which helps your eco-friendly promotional campaign.

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