Q: What is an advent calendar?

A: Traditionally an advent calendar is a count-down calendar. A promotional box of chocolate containing 12 or 24 individual chocolates hidden behind doors counting down to Christmas. Supplied in different designs, shapes and sizes to be placed on desk or wall.

Q: Is the Advent Calendar a great substitute for the
Christmas Card?

A: Our budget range of Advent Calendars competed with the high-end range of Christmas Cards. As our Advent Calendars have a 24 day count down, this works out at around 15p a day!

Q: What is the Just A Drop Advent Calendar offer?

A: We offer the Traditional Wall and Desktop Advent Calendar that is specifically designed and printed to customers artwork provided.

Q: What is the quality of printing?

A: We print using a printing format called flexo print. This form of printing is of the highest quality in full colour.

Q; How many colours can the advent calendar be printed?

A: We print a 4-colour process – so you can have as many colours as required without additional cost.

Q: What is the size of the advent calendar?

A: We supply two sizes. Desktop 200mm x 204mm and Traditional 305mm x 229mm.

Q: Which calendar is more popular?

A: There is a bigger demand for the desktop calendar as it is lower cost and is a good promotional technique that sits on customers desk as a continual reminder of your products and services.

Q: What is the cost of the Advent Calendar?

A: Just visit our website where you can see the advertised prices or request a pricelist. You will see that the Advents are priced according to quantity ordered plus a set up charge for print origination and a delivery charge.

Q: How much chocolate is in the calendars?

A: The traditional calendar contains 24 pieces weighing 75g. The desk top calendar has 24 pieces weighing 50g.

Q: What is the quality of the chocolate?

A: Our tasty, delicious chocolate is Belgium recipe chocolate with 32% minimum cocoa solids using the finest ingredient for that quality taste finish.

Q: What is the chocolates best before date?

A: Our chocolate has a best before date of 12 months. The chocolates are kept fresh  as our Advent Calendars  have a unique silver foil wrap that seals each chocolate into the tray until the foil is opened.

Q: Can you supply tasting samples, so we can be assured
of the quality?

A: Yes, we can supply a sample advent calendar and tasting samples upon request. You can then see for yourself the quality of the print and taste our delicious chocolate.

Q: Can we have our own chocolate mould?

A: Yes of course. At a flat rate of £750 we can produce an Advent Calendar with your own bespoke design.

Q: How are the calendars packed?

A: We pack in multiples of 25 for the Traditional Calendar and 50’s for the desk top calendar.

Q: Can the advent calendar be posted out by letter post?

A: Yes – both traditional and desktop can be posted out by large letter post. Justadrop  have a direct despatch service.

Q: How many  calendars can be packed on each pallet?

A: There are 2500 Desktops and 1250 Traditional Calendars packed on each pallet.

Q: What is the size of the cartons that the calendars are packed in?

A: The size of the carton is 24mm x 32mm x 42mm and hold 25 Traditional Calendars and 50 Desktop Calendars. Approx weight of carton is 2.5kg.

Q: Can you supply mail order cartons for direct mail campaigns and post out to individual addresses?

A: We can supply mail order cartons. We can address and despatch the cartons on client’s behalf. All you need to do is supply the addresses. ‘It is the year of the Home Office Worker’ so why not look after your staff at Christmas time!
When delivered we can guarantee freshness as the chocolate is silver foil sealed inside the Advent Calendar.

Q: Can we use the calendar for Sales Promotion?

A: Our advent calendar has tremendous flexibility. The chocolate itself can be moulded to your design and we can print behind the doors. So, your advertising messages, promotional competition codes or QR codes can be printed behind the doors.

Q: Can the Advent Calendar substitute for a quality
Christmas Gift?

A: We have a range of Advent Calendars available, with variable designs to meet your budget requirements. Whether it has branded Lindt Chocolates at the premium end for a Big thank you. Or our budget Advent Calendars for a little thank you at the end of the year.

Q: What is the latest date for ordering the calendars?

A: We have three deadline dates where proof sign off has to be completed. Our 1st deadline is 14th October for delivery by 30th October where we offer an early booking discount. The second deadline is 4th November at standard prices – Delivery 20th November. Our last deadline is 16th November for delivery 30th November. There is a surcharge for this run.

Q: Can we order our advent calendars to be delivered on a specific date?

A: Unless you are purchasing 10,000 + calendars there will only be published two week ending dates for delivery. We batch print the calendars all together on specific days so that our deliveries to you or your customers in good time for your promotional Christmas Campaign.

Q: Are there design templates available

A: Yes, we have a range of designs you can choose from FOC and we can then add your logo and advertising message. If you require your own bespoke design our studio can complete based on your brief at the approximate cost of £75.

Q: Are there design guidelines?

A: Yes, we will supply you a template to work to. As previously mentioned, we will help you with the design. When the final design is agreed we will send you a printers proof for signoff before we proceed to production.

Q: How do we order?

A: You need to send us a Purchase Order detailing all your requirements including quantity, price, delivery address and contact number. Should you require us to Direct Mail to recipient addresses we will require an excel spreadsheet with all delivery address’s, so we can print the labels and apply to the mail order carton. For our bulk deliveries you will need to order in multiple quantities of 25 for traditional or 50 for desktop. We cannot split these quantities unless we are operating a fulfilment direct mail programme for you.

Q: How do we deliver to you?

A: We deliver on pallets to ensure that there is no damage in transit. For small quantities of 100, we pack in a double walled carton and send we out by courier. We can track both courier and pallet despatches. If requested customers can pick up from our warehouse based in Tottenham, North London.