What are the coffee options available?
We pack supply freshly ground coffee beans and instant coffee. Depending on the coffee type we personalised coffee sachet foil bags, pouches, sticks and glass jars.

What are the different types of flavoured infused coffee you can personalise?
Café Amaretto, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Orange, Christmas Spirit, French Vanilla, Havana Rum, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Maple Walnut, Spicy Cardamom and Swiss Chocolate.

What ingredient is the instant coffee?
Instant coffee is freeze dried Arabica Colombian coffee granules The same that is purchased in retail stores.

Can you produce different promotional tea bag shapes for special activities and sales promotion?
Unfortunately our standard sachet can only be produce to the one size/shape of tea bag which is known as a single-chamber tea bag 58xx x 50mm.

Is there a minimum order for personalised tea cartons?
The minimum quantity is 1000 cartons that contain up to 50 tea sachets.

What is the tea sachet made of and how many colours can you print?
Our tea sachets are also called foil envelopes to keep the tea fresh. From a minimum quantity of 5000 we print directly on to the foil up to four colours.

Can you print on the tea tags?
Yes we can print up to 4 colours on the tea tags from 2000 sachets.

What are the sugar packaging options?
Paper and transparent film sticks. Round, flat, long-slim, pyramid, rectangular, square paper sachets – offered with varying sugar fills from 1.5g to 5g depending on the type of packaging.

How long does it take to produce?
On average around 2-3 weeks depending on the quantity and type of sugar packaging required.

What kind of sugar do you personalise?
White and cane (brown) granulated sugar, white and brown granulated mixed with vanilla (for espresso coffee) or sugar mixed with cinnamon. All packed in sticks or sachets. White and brown single sugar cubes with personalised wrappers.

Do you supply sugar to compliment your beverage range?
Yes, we can supply white and brown sugar in Sugar sticks, sachets or cubed.

What’s the delivery time for your Beverage range?
For our tea allow minimum of 15 working days from artwork approval. Smaller quantities up to 2500 could be fast tracked 10 working days subject to production schedules. For our coffee allow 3 – 4 weeks from artwork approval.

What is the most popular beverage that you supply?
Definitely English breakfast Tea. In our premier range there is a choice of other flavours that includes the very popular healthy Green tea.

What are your minimum hot drink quantities?
We can produce personalised tea sachets and envelopes in low volume. As little 500 pieces using digitally printed labels. Printing direct on to sachets 5000.Coffee and hot chocolate sachets we produce to minimums of 10000. However we can produce coffee jars to a minimum of 250. We can also produce a minimum of 250 pouches in Fresh Coffee for filtering machines.

What drink products do you supply in your beverage range?
We supply tea, coffee and hot chocolate in printed sachets or envelopes.