Can we obtain samples?
We send out samples free of charge. We can also create a three dimensional visual showing your label design on the water bottle.

Can we obtain credit with Justadrop?
We can open a 30 day trading account with your company subject to suitable financial references. Initially we invoice on a pro-forma basis.

How do I obtain a quote?
Click the quote now button or the chat now buttons on our website. Or just send us an email with your request. We will ensure you receive your quote by return.

What is a Euro pallet?
The euro pallet is a smaller pallet that used for exporting to the European Union or location where space is limited.

What is the size of the UK pallet?
Dimensions of an empty pallet is 1220mm x 1350mm (40 inches x 45 inches). The weight of an empty pallet is 20g. Maximum height when loaded is 6 ft. Our pallets are securely shrink wrapped to keep the load secured during transit.

Can you deliver overseas?
We export mainly to Europe but can export worldwide. We will quote special rates for export orders allowing for custom duties at country of destination.

Can you deliver at a specified time?
Yes, we can organise a timed delivery for you. There is an extra charge for this facility. We can also organise an am or pm delivery. Our standard deliveries are made between 9am and 5pm. So that there are no last minute problems we require a contact name and phone number.

Can you deliver to a first floor?
Only if it is a small quantity of bottles. We then can deliver in boxes by a courier. The majority of our water is delivered on pallets. Our drivers are only insured to deliver to kerbside. This means that they can deliver to a warehouse or an office entrance but on the ground floor level only.

How much do the bottles weigh?
The 330ml bottles weigh third kilo. The 500ml half kilo. We can deliver a maximum of 1000 kilos on a pallet if you have Fork Lift facility to off load. 100 kilos less if we deliver on a tail lift vehicle.

Are the bottles recyclable?
Yes, both our Plastic and Glass bottles can be recycled. Look out for the recycled sign on our labels.

How is the water packed?
The water is normally shrink wrapped in cases if 18’s.

What bottle sizes do we produce?
We supply a variety of sizes that include 250ml, 330ml,500ml, 750ml, One Litre, 1,5 Litre and 2 Litre in our PET Recyclable plastic bottles. Our glass range is sizes are 250ml,330ml,500ml 750ml and One Litre.

Can you supply sparkling water?
We can supply both still and sparkling water in all size bottles.

How is the water delivered?
We have our own van and trailer for larger quantities mainly for local deliveries. We also deliver by contracting National and International transport network. The water is loaded on to pallets. Deliveries are made by vehicles that have a tail lift for offloading when delivered to your premises. When ordering please advise if you have fork lift facilities.

How should we store the water?
Storage of the water should preferably in a cool dark place, and out of sunlight. In particular if you are storing for a long period.

What is the best before date for the water?
Our normal recommended best before is 12 months. The date is printed on the neck of the bottle. Depending on your requirement and storage conditions we can extend the best before date to 24 months for bulk orders.

How quickly can we deliver?
Our standard delivery time for water products is 10 working days from artwork approval. We can fast track production as little as 3 working days at extra cost if there is an extreme urgency.

Is there a choice of cap colours?
We supply try if possible match the label colours with the colours of the caps. There is a wide range of colours available both in Sports and Screw caps.

Can you supply clear labels?
Yes, we can print on clear substrate. It is more complex to print on a clear material and extra costs can be incurred.

Can the water labels be used as a promotional voucher?
Yes, we have the ‘Peel and Reveal’ label that tears off the bottle and can be used as a promotional offer. We can also create a label with a semi-permanent adhesive so that your label peels off and doubles up as a promotional voucher.

What are artwork origination charges?
This is a set up charge for preparing your artwork ready for printing, preparing a proof for final sign off to ensure that the final label is printed to your specification.

How many colours can we print on the label?
We print digitally CYMK. This means we can print in full colour at no extra cost. You just supply us the colour references so we can match your colours accurately.

Who designs the labels for my bottles?
We have an in house studio that can design your label for you. Alternatively, we supply a label template for you to design your own label. We supply a proof for sign off before production. We can also supply a 3D visual.

Where is the water sourced?
Our water is bottled at source and supplied from our two springs located in Scotland, and Wales. The water is certified Natural Spring Water and has a clear crystal taste. We are happy to send tasting samples.