What is the weight of the chocolate?
Approx 5g

Can we order more than one flavour over a higher volume?
Yes but your order will be priced based on the volume for each flavour

Can we order two designs but on a high volume?
Yes you can but each design has to have a separate production run and will be priced against the volume for each run

Can we order the minimum quantity but have two designs on the wrap?
Unfortunately, this is not possible. Based on minimum quantity we can only print one design

What flavours can you supply?
We can supply in Milk, Mint, Orange, Plain and Chocolate Crisp

What are the minimum quantities that can be purchased and personalised?
We can produce and personalise a minimum of 1000 in our flow pack range or 2000 in our Neapolitan range. Subject to confirmation we can produce less than 1000 but of course will be a lot more expensive per chocolate.

How is the chocolate packed?
Flow wrap in boxes of 1000. Neapolitans in boxes of 400

What are delivery times of the after dinner chocolates
We can normally despatch 10 working days from proof approval. Subject to production space we can fast track 7 working days our Flow wrap range

Can we print on both sides of the wrap?
Yes, it is possible to print on both sides. We will send you a template to work to our send us your brief and we will produce a design in our studio.

What artwork is required for printing on to the wrap
Please supply a high resolution pdf or jpg

How is the chocolate personalised?
We can only print in one colour directly on to the flow or paper wrap from a limited range of colours. There is a choice of colour wraps to choose from.

Can you print directly on to the chocolate?
We cannot on this range. It is only our chocolate graphic range where we can print directly on to the chocolate

What types of after dinner chocolate do you supply?
We supply a flow pack and a traditional Neapolitan that is foil wrapped and then personalised with a choice of colour wraps