Can we have our own ingredient?
We will be pleased to fill your own drink cans with ingredient of your choice with individual recipes for a minimum of 12000 cans.

What other fillings are available?
From a minimum of 6000 cans we can produce other fillings such as sugar free energy drinks, lemonade, tonic water, cranberry and cherry energy drinks.

How long does it take to deliver?
After your artwork has been signed off delivery takes approximately 15 working days.

How do we supply artwork?
We will supply you a label template from which you can fit your design. We have an in house studio that can help you with design and artwork.

How are the cans personalised?
For small quantities, we personalise with a printed label that is wrapped around the tin. The label is printed in full colour digital print CYMK and there is a choice of finishes and can applications. We print direct on to the can from 50,000 units.

Do you supply eco-friendly cans?
Our Iced Organic Coffee and Chocolate is filled in Cartocans. New eco-friendly can packaging made of cardboard and can be stored at room temperature.

Do you have an organic range?
Yes we can supply organic orange juice, iced organic coffee and organic chocolate. Fair Trade raw materials of organic culture guarantee an exceptional taste experience.

What are the sizes of the cans offered?
Most of our cans are 250ml. However some of our cans are sized 200ml and 230ml.

What is the range of canned drinks you offer?
You can view the promotional range of canned drinks we offer on our website. They include the high demand energy drink, but also other popular drinks such as Organic Orange Juice, Multivitamin Juice, Iced Tea and Organic Chocolate