BREXIT Proof Promotional Products

BREXIT Proof Promotional Products

The future has always been uncertain in the world of branded marketing, and with “BREXIT DAY” (29th March 2019) approaching we are all looking for some stability in the days ahead.

Here at Just A Drop we have a wide range of Promotional Branded Products which are manufactured here in the UK, so there will be no delay or price fluctuation no matter what happens on the 29th of March.

Promotional Branded Spring WaterPromotional water bottle
Our promotional water range is bottled at source in our English springs, we offer both plastic and glass bottles which can be personalised with your artwork and comes in a wide variety of sizes and cap colours.

Water bottles are really popular as everybody drinks water!

Branded Tea BagsBranded Tea sachets
What better way to promote your brand to a nation of Tea drinkers than with one of our Branded Tea Bags.

We can not only print your branding on the Tea Sachet but also have the facility to print on the tea bag tag. Very popular as this product can be used in direct mail campaigns as well as brand awareness initiatives at conferences, corporate events and board meetings.

Personalised Flow Wrap Mints and SweetsPersonalised Mint Imperials
Popular with Hotels, Restaurants, Showrooms, Waiting Rooms and Reception areas, our Personalised Flow Wrap Mints and Sweets are great for reinforcing your brand with your customers.

This is one of our most cost effective products and they have a very long shelf-life which is ideal for extended brand reinforcement campaigns.

Branded Fortune Cookies.
By far one of our most versatile promotional branded products!

Our fortune cookies come in 12 different coloured wraps (including transparent) which can be personalised with your logo, we can also customise the double-sided message slip inside with your slogan, promotional offer or marketing message in full colour.


Promotional Water in a Box
Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles?

We have the perfect marketing products for you, introducing our Promotional Water in a Box. We can provide these customised water cartons in 4 flavours and personalise them with your branding in full colour on our specially designed laminated label.

Promotional Branded Biscuits.Biscuits and Cookies
From Custard Creams to Shortbread Rounds, we have a range of biscuits to suits your promotional needs.

We have a wide range of promotional sweets, drinks, drinkware, chocolates, snacks and confectionery to suit not only all your marketing needs but also your marketing budget, why not contact us today and find out more.