Happy Chinese New Year from Just A Drop

Happy Chinese New Year from Just A Drop

Wishing you great happiness and prosperity or as they say in Mandarin “gong xi fa cai” (pronounced gong she fa tsai).

Today is Chinese New Year, a day which is globally celebrated by red decorations, fireworks, good food and family.

The Origins of Chinese New Year.

Ancient legend has it, that long ago in the mountains of China a horrible demon named Nian lived. Every year he would descend the mountain and eat crops, livestock and even children.

The villagers would shut themselves in their homes in fear of Nian, until one day a God disguised as an old man came to the village and protected them from the demon, but he couldn’t stay and told them that Nian was scared of the colour red, it fears loud noises and strange creatures.

So the children wore scary masks, the village was adorned with red banners and lights, the villagers all played the drums and let off fireworks on that night every year and Nian never returned.

In Chinese “Guo Nia” the word for New Years literally translated to “pass over Nian” or “overcome Nian”.

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