Promotional Branded Spaghetti

Introducing Promotional Branded Spaghetti

We are proud to announce a new and totally unique promotional product “Branded Spaghetti”

Using our high definition printers, we can micro print your promotional message and branding along the individual spaghetti strands, all in full colour!

Don’t worry our high-grade edible ink is not only waterproof but heat resistant as well, so your corporate branding will survive the cooking process.

The spaghetti we use is also of the highest quality, imported directly from fairtrade Italian pasta farms where they specialise in free-range and organically grown spaghetti, macaroni and pizza bases.

As you’ve probably guessed this is an April Fools joke, but what isn’t a joke is how we help our customers market their brands with our extensive range of promotional products.

Contact us today and find out more about our promotional branded drinks, drinkware, chocolates, sweets, snacks and confectionery.