#MarketingMonday - Promotional ideas that open doors!

#MarketingMonday – Promotional ideas that open doors!

On the 5th of November 1605, Guy Fawkes captured the attention of the world by attempting to blow up the houses of parliament with powerful explosives.

Marketing Executives are also tasked with a seemingly difficult job to capture the attention of potential clients (albeit hopefully without the use of dynamite, mass murder or property damage), so they must arm themselves with products and services which will help create a lasting positive impression for their company.

Our Promotional Branded Advent Calendar is a versatile and unique marketing product, which is perfect for distribution to clients, potential clients and employees as the festive month approaches.

We can print your branding, logo, corporate artwork or marketing message in full colour not only on the back and front but also on the inside*, so you can hide promotional messages behind the closed doors for your clients to open.

Each door contains a delicious Chocolate treat which is foil sealed for freshness.

Great for office promotions, showroom offers, sales initiatives, marketing giveaways at Exhibitions, Conferences, Seminars, Gift Shops, Retail and brand recognition campaigns.

If you need assistance designing your promotional advent calendars, we offer this service for a nominal fee, you can choose from our templates (see below) and we can add your logo and contact info or we can even create a bespoke design for your marketing needs.

Deadline for Traditional Advent Calendars


Deadline for Desktop Advent Calendars


*Inside printing subject to a minimum order of 1,000 units.