What is the Screw Top Challenge?

What is the Screw Top Challenge?

It’s the newest video trend taking the internet by storm.

These video challenges show people unscrewing bottle tops by roundhouse kicking them.

Celebrities such as Jason Statham, Donnie Yen, Ryan Reynolds and Conor McGregor have taken up the challenge, their screw top challange videos are going viral on youtube and are prompting 1000’s of people to try it for themselves.

There have been many video viral challenges over the years, some were fun and were created to raise awareness (like the Ice Bucket Challenge which raised awareness for ALS) and then there are the downright stupid and dangerous challenges like Birdbox Challenge (where people try to undertake activities while blindfolded) or the Tide Pod Challenge, where people were actually challenged to eat laundry detergent pods.

Here at Just A Drop we have a different challenge… to provide you with high quality promotional bottled water for your next marketing campaign.


Promotional rPET Recycled Water Bottles.

Promotional rPET Recycled Water BottlesRecycled PolyEthylene Terephthalate or rPET bottles are great for the environment, as not only are they made from already recycled plastic but can also be recycled again and again, breaking the cycle of the “Single Use Plastic Bottle”

We can personalise this Promotional rPET Water Bottle label with your branding, logo, corporate marketing campaign.

Available in 330ml and 500ml.

Unit prices from £0.24p*

Promotional Water – Tetra Water Carton

Promotional Water - Tetra Water Carton - Full ColourThis fantastic promotional Tetra Water Carton can be personalised with your branding in full colour. We offer single-sided or double-sided label as well as a printed wrap option.

At 77% paper and 100% recyclable, this promotional product is ideal for marketing your brand to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Perfect for promoting your brand at events, conferences and exhibitions.

Available in 330ml and 500ml.

Unit prices from £0.53p*

Eco-Friendly Promotional Water in a Box

ECO-FRIENDLY PROMOTIONAL WATER IN A BOXWe can personalise these 330ml Water in a Box Tetra Cartons with your artwork in full colour on a laminated label, which matches the packaging and design.

Our Water in a Box contains fresh spring water which is packaged at source and is available in 4 different flavours: Lemon & Lime, Orange & Peach, Strawberry and Original Spring Water. Each box features different coloured accents and caps to match the flavours inside.

Perfect for eco-friendly marketing campaigns as the packaging is 100% recyclable, even the cap is made from bio-polymer sugarcane!

Unit prices from £0.75p*

Personalised Glass Water Bottle

Personalised glass of water bottle 330 mLSmart and impressive, our 330ml personalised glass water bottle is a great size for sharing at conferences, events, meetings, hotels, restaurants and more.

Filled with premium quality natural spring water, bottled at source at our Celtic Springs in Scotland, Wales and Cornwall, you can choose between a variety of label sizes, personalised with your logo and message.

We offer a full design service and pride ourselves on the fastest turnaround, from design to delivery.

We also stock 750ml glass water bottles.

Unit prices from £0.40p*

* above prices are a guide, please contact us for more information, complete price breaks or a specific quote.

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