Eco-Friendly Outside the Box Branding from Just A Drop

Eco-Friendly Outside the Box Branding from Just A Drop

In this troubling time of climate change and environmental issues dominating the media, marketers and agencies are looking for more eco-friendly ways to promote their brands and companies.

We have the perfect solution: Eco-friendly Promotional Water in a Box

Water is a Box comes in 4 delicious quench filling flavours: Lemon & Lime, Orange & Peach, Strawberry and Natural Spring Water, all flavours are sugar-free!

We can personalise the carton with your artwork on a laminated label which can match the Water in a Box packaging.

The carton itself is made with low carbon, naturally renewable and sustainable materials which are sourced responsibly. Even the caps are made from bio-polymer sugarcane, all the packaging is 100% recyclable! This tetra carton shape also makes this product easy to stack, store and transport.

Great for ethical brand awareness campaigns promoting your company, event, school, product launch or even as refreshments at tradeshows, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, showroom or corporate meetings.

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